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Sonali bandrae - Rising Higher

After 'Sarfarosh' it is no looking back for Sonali. She had to struggle a lot in the big bad world of Bollywood. Despite having a figure to die for and a face to launch ships she was not really taken seriously. She had worked with all the big stars but luck was not favouring her. Sonali had everything but a hit to her name. She was not considered an actress because she came from modeling industry. She had neither relatives in the film industry to promote her career nor a Godfather to guide her. She had to struggle hard to reach a position she is in now.

She is eagerly awaiting her next release 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' where she is starring with yet another Khan. This time it is Salman Khan. She is really happy

to be a part of Rajshree films and now she is aspiring to do better work. Now that she has a hit in her kitty Sonali is at a liberty to choose films. She is looking for some good roles to happen to her. She confesses that there are very few women oriented roles in our films but she also says that very slowly but definitely the trend is changing.

Sonali has been linked with her co-stars but she has always denied the alleged relationships as rumours. She says that she has been too busy supporting her family and stabilizing her career that there has been no time for a boyfriend. She claims that in the beginning she was s innocent that she couldn't even know if any body made a pass at her. Sonali has become wiser now but even now a relationship is not in her list of priorities. She is content with her single status and wants to remain so for quite some time.

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