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Shahrukh - in Hey Ram

Shahrukh is going to do the lead role in Kamal Hassan's Hey Ram which would be released in Tamil and Hindi at the same time . And also the fact that Rani Mukherjee and Shah Rukh acted in their own voices without dubbing in Tamil. But none would ever know that Shah Rukh has taken a Crash Course to learn Tamil. Yes Shah Rukh  never ceases to amaze us. When he wants to do something, no matter how challenging it might seem, he goes and does it. Just like that. Like,
on the sets of Kamal Hassan's 'Hey Ram', the Bombay actor was exasperated by the fact that everyone around spoke only in Tamil and he didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about. And to make matters worse, they couldn't understand a word of what he was saying when he wanted to tell them or ask them for something. So what did he do? No sulking for this Khan. he simply went and did a crash course in Tamil. And what's more surprising is that he is pretty good at it too. So much so that he only chats in Tamil nowadays, whether the other person knows Tamil or not. He has shown a keen interest to know tamil and to talk tamil. Wait to see how he has amazed us. Shshrukh is also full of praise for Kamal Hassan that nobody could ever beat Kamal in his discipline and also in his ideas. He is sure that this film is going to be a super hit in both the languages.




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