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Rajini'25 Millenium Celebration Organised By Latha Rajinikanth

The  Latest "Talk Of the Town". Almost everybody from "Oldies" to "Kutties" know verywell that Super Star Rajinikanth's Birthday falls on Dec'12th. Unlike the other birthdays, this time Superstar's 51'st birthday(Date Of Birth 12 Dec 1949 ) was celebrated with great enthu by his  wife Latha Rajinikanth. She has arranged for a grand celebration to share her joy with other people and also to wish Rajini for his 25 successful years in Indian Film Industry ( all might have known that Rajini was introduced by Director legend Balachander in his Apoorva Raagam in 1975). Latha Rajinikanth has also inaugurated a film festival at Abhirami Theatre Complex on December 12th. She has also released an Album on that day. Abhirami Complex is featuring most of Superstar's popular films for five days from Dec'12th to Dec'16th.

She is also helding an Exhibition which would be inaugurated by K.Balachander on Dec'17th. Another main aspect of this exhibition is you can see scenes from Superstar's films, his photos, cutouts, dress used by him and also ornaments he used in films. Some of other things are available for sale and the funds from these sale goes to the construction of Ashram, the school managed by Latha Rajinikanth in Velachery, Chennai. The Exhibition also has other interesting things like Live dance shows participated by various film stars like Vijay, Prabhu Deva, Meena, Ramya Krishnan. The other thing to be noted well is it is said that  stars like Vijay and some others  were compelled to do the shows. The Exhibition would be open from 10 am to 9 pm from Dec'17th to Dec'19th. Also there is a Children Park maintained by Kishkinta.

Atlast the final farewell celebration would be held on Dec 23th.  She is also going to release another album named "Maaya Jaalam". The center of attraction is the cheif guest our Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu H'rble M.Karunanithi, Moopanaar and  also many of the top stars from other languages like Amitabh, Chatruhan Sinha, Ambrish, Vinodh Kanna, Mohan Babu, Chiranjeevi and also other top stars like Vijay, Ajith, Prashanth, Prabhudeva, KushbooMeena, Ramyakrishnan, etc... Many artists who has acted with him for the past 25 years are going to take part in this celebration and they would also deliver speech about their experience with Super Star and also about their feelings. But Will Rajini Kanth join this celebration is still a question??

Everything about this celebration is very fine. But what you need  to experience this Super Star'25 - Milennium Extravaganza is atleast Rs 100. Yeah. I am talking about the ticket charge for entrance. You have to pay Rs 100 as an entrance fee for taking part in  all these celebration because the ticket rates are Rs. 100, Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000. But can you get a comfortable seat for this Rs 100 ticket? absolutely not. This is the main disappointing thing for the Rajini's fans as most of them are "Middle class people" who feels  too costly  about the ticket charge. Anyway atleast they can still get the information about this celebration on TV News or Thru Newspapers.

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Rani Muherjee
Aishwariya Rai
Simran 7 Up
Pooja Bedi

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