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Kamal pairs up with Sridevi
in "Lathi Adi"
This film will be directed by the IT officers.
the story (in true Kamal fashion) is a take on short cuts. This one is however Indianised. This is based on the everyday happenings of a number of cells in the Central Jail in Madras.

Kamal plays a dual role and is paired with Sridevi and Jayaprada after a long hiatus. Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan play his neighbours. Shahrukh Khan signed on to play a small but significant role as soon as he heard that Kamal was in charge.

Kamal has also decided to take charge of the music (couldn't afford Illayaraja), still photography, nejam photography, editing. TRajendar is tutoring Kamal on how to be the Master of all trades.


Heyram still
Director: Kamal Haasan
Music By : Ilayaraja
Starring:   Kamal Haasan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukharjee, Nassar, Abbas, Ram Mohan, Sourabh Shukla, Vikram Gokhle

Releasing on 18 Feb 2000

Also checkout the official website


The Story begins in 1946 at Mohanjadaro and concluded itself inside a Chennai sewage construction site in 1999. The screenplay by Kamal Haasan is 181 pages. It was written on his lap top with an Indianized American software.

Kamal Haasan is probably the first Tamil (Indian?) screen writer to introduce the American page a minute system in his films it is easier quickly assess the approximate  length of the movie by just looking at the page numbers. K.H. honed his screenplay skills with the American Script doctor John Truby.

At a page a minute 181 pages would translate to 181 minutes of screen time. With 10 minutes of fat, lost during the editing and adding 20 more minutes for songs, the film would be over 3 hours. To put it cleverly in James Camron's words the film would be 2 hrs and 75 minutes long.

Kamal Haasan had promised his brother and co-producer Mr. Chandrahaasan that the Tamil "Hey! Ram" and the Hindi "Hey! Ram" in 250 rolls. But now he has ended up using 312 rolls nearly 62 rolls more than promised. The unexpected death of Mr. Mohan Gokhle and Kamal Haasan's tenacious need to get it right is cited as the reason for the extra 62 rolls. (It roughly amounts to 156 rolls per version.) The most over looked reason says the director is that the film has live location sound. Which means you cannot okay the take with the hope of correcting it during dubbing. Sometimes the actors forget their lines or a jet plane roars past a scene. Even an inadvertent sneeze or a noisy light ballast could create the need for a retake.

1 : 10 is not a bad shooting ratio some say. But Raajkamal Films Producers are not happy. The director it seems has promised a 1 : 7 ratio in his next project.
The locations were Chennai, Calcutta, Delhi and Benares. A location 45 kms from Chennai was dug up and re-created, to look like Mohanjadaro excavation site in Larkhana district, which is now in Pakistan.

Courtesy: Eros Entertainment

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Rani Muherjee
Aishwariya Rai
Simran 7 Up
Pooja Bedi

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