Director: Charan

Starring: Prashant, Simran, Laila, Vinu Chakravarty

Performance Review

Nothing much to praise about Prashant or Laila’s acting. Simran is shining well on her characters now a days. The film begins well enough and is interesting in the first half. Suddenly the director forgets to pay attention and moves away from the story and some how joins in atlast.

Film Review

Simran is a medical student. Prashant is the tenant of Simran as well as a friend. Prashant who is in search of a job, falls in love with Laila who is a commuter on the bus he travels. Simran knows his love and does helps him in developing it. Due to circumstances Simran is posed as the fiancée of Prashant to his parents. Her comes the turning point or confusion in the movie. Simran suddenly reveals her love for Prashant. Prashant gets shocked hearing to this. The movie is carried on showing Simran’s vicious acts towards Laila. What happens to Laila? Does Prashant marry Simran or Laila? To know the answer watch the movie.


Okay. If you have patience this movie can be seen completely.

- Krishvi